A downloadable roguelike for Windows, macOS, and Linux

First-person turn-based roguelike in an alien infested office-building.

This game was made in 7 days for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge by Hendrik-Jan (Momojohobo) using atom, python, panda3d,  blender and FLStudio. No pre-build assets were used except the font (Arizone by PixelKitchen)

You wake up with your face on the keyboard pulling an all-nighter on the top floor of the office building where you work. Where is everybody? Oh, it's aliens. Survive them and the building's over-the-top security measures. Use your wits and all the office supplies you can carry and escape from OVERWORK DEATH. 

There's tactical guns in the game, not that you'll ever reach level 10.

If you like the game, please write a comment below so I know I did good.

Install instructions

windows: OverworkDeath.exe
linux: ./OverworkDeath
mac: Not supported, but maybe you  can get the .app to run. If you want to be more supported, get an os that enjoys being supported (aka linux).


OverworkDeath-0.0.0_manylinux1_x86_64.tar.gz 27 MB
OverworkDeath-0.0.0_win32.zip 21 MB
OverworkDeath-0.0.0_win_amd64.zip 24 MB
OverworkDeath-0.0.0_macosx_10_6_x86_64.zip 27 MB


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You guys did very well. It's amazing what immersion you can conjure up with simple wire-frames like this. Image this fully textured! Although I do like the current art style a lot. Very unique game. I enjoyed the initial play and will give this some more playtime for sure, as it will be interesting to learn the mechanics properly and understand how to survive a bit better. I didn't last long one my first play, but I blame that on the restless sleep in the office and waking up with an Enter key impression on my forehead from the keyboard pillow... 

Thanks a lot for playing, enjoying it so and taking the time to tell me! I hear it a lot that people don't get really far. I probably made it too hard for tired rl-devs. I also wanted the game to be fun for myself and for later. Also I made everything myself (so not "you guys"). Oh wait, someone helped me with part of the path-finding.  

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wow what a cool game I can not believe it shiiiiiiiiii!